Experience Tomorrow Today.

Beyond Ridge is a Corporate Group that aims to provide technological solutions in various industries whilst working towards a bigger objective. We are heavily invested in ICT, Property Development and Corporate Development. As a young company, we have a fresh and innovative approach to solving problems. Our divisions work cohesively to ensure that we meet our ultimate objective as a corporate group.

Our Divisions

Corporate Development

South Africa has a lot of potential to have a booming economy. We aim to tap into that potential and direct it into developing innovatives that will create employment and increase our economic growth. Through these developments, we can erradicate a lot of issues we're currently facing such as crime.

Property Development

Shelter is a basic human need and our objective is to satisfy that need by providing modern and safe accommodation to low income households and student. We also understand the importance of having an office as young entrepreneurs, therefore we also aim to provide office space for start-ups.

IT Solutions

The world is moving towards an information age and our IT Solutions division aims to be part of that industrial revolution. We have a vast amount of in-house experience in the information technology field and we have built a strong network to ensure that we're able to deliver on the promises we make.

Our Services

Solutions towards a great future.

Some of our services.

Website Design

Website design and hosting. Includes free co.za domain and 50 email addresses. We take it up a notch and also index your business on Google.

Corporate branding

Stand out as a company by being visible on every platform. Have a high qaulity logo and present professional business profiles and business cards.

Student Accomodation

We aim to solve the problem of student accommodation by providing safe and modern accommodation that is conducive to studying. We provide students with resources such as WiFI, transport, funiture and study centres

Start-up Offices.

Young business owners face a challenge of having proper premises which they can conduct their business. We provide office space for start-ups and offer resources such as WiFi, printers, boardrooms and so forth.

Inventory Management Systems

Have a system that tracks every move of your inventory and recieve notifications when you are running low. Eradicates the task of stock taking every week as the data will always be available and up to date.


Move along with the world and go paperless. We can assist your business in reducing the amount of paper being used. Send invoices online instead of printing them. View & edit your stock sheets on your mobile device instead of printing them. And so much more